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If your U.S. customers and prospects are buying from overseas manufacturers,
    you can take that business back by following three simple steps – FEWER, FASTER, FINER.

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American Dragon - Michael McKeldon Woody

". . . without strategy you cannot control the opponent."

Mei Yaochen

The Art of War

In the fall of 2010, I received a phone call from the purchasing department of an international manufacturer with revenues over $1 billion and a factory in China. Their company’s U.S. sales division was losing orders due to the inability of their China factory to deliver smaller orders with consistent quality, and to deliver those orders quickly enough. They called me in my role as CEO of a small U.S. company that pulled together a crack team – many from companies gutted by China outsourcing - who found a way to overcome the tides of globalization, the impact of technology, and the tribulations of the Great Recession to beat China manufacturers at their own game. That a multi-national company with its own factory in China would come to us to manufacture for them is the ultimate proof that we have deduced the 3-step formula for beating the imports – Fewer, Faster, Finer.

My book, American Dragon, explains the evolution of the economic forces that put small U.S. manufacturers in our currently precarious position, and how other forces – currency fluctuation, labor shortages, increasing transportation costs due to rising oil prices, the compression of geographic supply chains, and new, more stringent Consumer Products Safety Commission guidelines – are now working in our favor. It also teaches you how to take advantage of this new environment, and take business back from overseas manufacturers, by implementing the three simple principles of Fewer, Faster, Finer.