Competing against imports?


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If your U.S. customers and prospects are buying from overseas manufacturers,
    you can take that business back by following three simple steps – FEWER, FASTER, FINER.

What People are Saying about the Author of American Dragon

“Michael McKeldon Woody captures the essence of the forces that have caused the net annual loss of jobs to offshore to drop from about 150,000 ten years ago to zero today. If companies follow Michael's principles and understand the total cost of offshoring, they will reshore another million jobs now."

Harry Moser

Founder – The Reshoring Initiative

American Dragon and the principles of FEWER, FASTER, & FINER are a road map for helping U.S. manufacturers beat the imports.

Margarita Mendoza

Founder – Made in America Movement

“As the founder of a small but growing U.S. brand, I’ve been greatly encouraged by Michael McKeldon Woody’s insights.

Isabelle Benoit

​Founder and President – Bullet Blues Custom Apparel

American Dragon’s principles of FEWER, FASTER & FINER dovetail with the lean principals I espouse in my business, and provide a game plan that small to mid-size manufacturers can use to compete more effectively with overseas companies.

Karl Wadensten

​President – Vibco Industries

"In order for the United States to return to and remain a prosperous nation we need to revitalize our manufacturing base.  Michael Woody's American Dragon is a great forum for manufacturing execs to share our ideas toward that common goal."

Cathy Williams-Owen

President – Drimark Products

"Michael Woody is one of the brightest and most professional people I have met in this industry. He is well respected around the world, and is well qualified to assist any company desiring to achieve greater success."

David Woods

President and CEO of AIA Corporation

Mark Gilman

Chairman of the Board – Gill Studio

Former Chairman of the Board - PPAI

"I've never received more benefit from a consultant in so short a time in my career."

Tom Johnson

President - Pixel Framing, Inc.

"Michael knows this industry and its key players like few others. His credentials are blue chip, having held strategic positions at prominent supplier and technology firms, and as Chairman of the Board of PPAI. His integrity is unquestioned. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation."

"How fortunate we are to have someone of Michael McKeldon Woody's caliber to write a clear exposition of the industry that was, the industry that is, and the industry that will be."

Gene Geiger

President - Geiger Brothers

"Promotional products are understood by everyone; however, very few people understand how the industry really works. Michael Woody is a skilled professional with broad based experience and knowledge in products and services sold to distributors and suppliers in the United States, Europe and Asia. He also has strong values and can be trusted."

Frank Krasovec

Former Chairman of the Board - Norwood Promotional Products